- Wireless Internet Access


setup account


Setting up an account is easy - *if you're near our network*
- it can't be done beforehand.

Select from the list of available access points.

Open a web-browser - you'll automatically be taken to a login after 20-30 seconds.

(it should say "redirecting" and have a whizzy thing going round and round.
If it doesn't just try going to whatever web page you like, it should start...)

Scroll down the page past the Click the 'Register' link and select a username and password..
Your home address and where you're staying.
A mobile number is very useful too - in case we need to contact you if there's a problem.

Now you have a username / password you can login
when you've done so the 'My Account' page will offer:
- PayPal - you can pay with any card (*you don't need a PayPal account*)
- Voucher Code - vouchers can be bought from a number of places locally, just type the number into the voucher code box

Once you've paid you'll have access to the whole web..

Any problems - call 01493 393000 for help.



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