- Wireless Internet Access


setup account installs everything required to completely cover your site - free of charge.

Compare this with competing options costing thousands - we include the broadband connection, all the hardware and aerial installation - free.

We're concentrating on Hemsby at the moment but we'd be interested to hear about opportunities further afield.

We also provide internet connectivity for your visitors at no charge to you.

We offer users online-signup with a credit card for a day, week or month.
£ 2.50 / day
£ 7 / week (just £1/day)
£ 10 / month (designed to be a reasonable fee for residents)

So you get internet access throughout your site for all your visitors - at no cost to you.

We can also provide scratch cards with a temporary password which you can sell at a small profit. Usually these are for a week and retail at the same £7/week as the online signup - however it's suprising how many people dont buy online but prefer to pay cash.

If you would prefer to charge your visitors yourself - or even give the services away - we can offer you one-time passwords that last a week from their first activation. This means you can give them away at reception of even include them in the booking confirmation weeks earlier. We only charge you for the passwords that are actually used. Prices/online duration can be adjusted to suit your business.

If you're in Hemsby - the chances are that over the next few weeks our signal will become available to parts of your site - of course it will skip over the hedge from your neighbors. See the maps to get an idea where we cover - we're adding aerials most weeks..

If you would like us to provide better coverage of your particular site - we would be pleased to hear from you and it won't cost you anything. We'll come for a chat and survey the site for some suitable aerial locations if you wish with no obligation.

Our wireless access points need 24hr power - although the power consumption is negligible. Convenient locations may be lampposts, chalets/caravans (with constant power) or other buildings. We may also need access to an active phone line or two - this is to connect the wireless network to wired-broadband (although there's usually spare capacity elsewhere on the network so this may not be necessary). We arrange and pay for our own unlimited broadband connection. Of course we can also give your office free broadband.

Our access points are physically just a small box (about the size of cooks matches) with an aerial protruding - maybe a foot, often less depending on the type of aerial used to cover a certain area. Most of the installations tend to be on lampposts or tv aerial poles. They act as access points, repeaters and gateways - simultaneously. We can also cover indoor areas such as bars or cafes.

The network is constantly monitored and actively maintained. We wrote a good proportion of the software that drives the network so we can usually sort any problems out.

We provide support to the users by telephone, email and if needed we'll pop round to sort it out - we're only just down the road.

Call John at on 01493 393000 for more information.



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